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How Does It Work?


Our proprietary technology can learn any topic in minutes. Create your private Knowledge Base by training your Custom AI with your website and your documents. Then create a new Brain on top of your Knowledge Base and fine-tune his personality. Your new employee will be ready from day one.

Your Brains work 24/7, don't need holidays or teamwork sessions and they get better at their job every day.

Transform surveys, skills, and complex interactions in Processes. You can integrate your Brain via API to 3rd party software, like Zapier*.

ArcadeBrain AI uses multiple Large Language Models (LLM) such as OpenAI ChatGPT*, Google Bard*, Anthropic Claude2* and Mistral AI*.

Chat Experience

Chat (Real example of a chat session trained on client's website only)

The Chat is the simplest user interface that everybody is familiar with. It's like writing a message on your phone to your best friend. uses a proprietary algorithm to compute the Confidence Index (R) (patent pending) for every response from the Brain. It's the best indication of how much data was found in the provided Knowledge Base.

You can configure the Confidence Index to filter out any responses with a low score. This dramatically reduces the chances of experiencing the typical AI Hallucinations. can remember personal information, only if you want, to provide a hyper personalized experience.

Personal User Experience

The ArcadeBrain AI power resides in the 3 layers of knowledge used for reasoning.

The first layer is the vast knowledge of generic Large Language Models (LLM) such as OpenAI ChatGPT*, Google Bard*, Anthropic Claude2* and Mistral AI*. Those models are very good with the language and generic topics. This is the base for ArcadeBrain AI.

The second layer is the private Knowledge Base of your organization (your website, documents, contracts, etc) with Processes.

The third layer is the User's memory. It's automatically updated during the chat sessions and it's used by ArcadeBrain AI when needed, providing an extremely personal feeling to the user.


Security uses military-grade encryption to secure your chats not only between the user and our servers but also between our servers and the Cloud-provided LLM service. With the On-Premise configuration you have your own LLM service in-house and 100% of your data remains in your network. Select an On-Premise configuration for a superior level of security.

In your privacy is of utmost importance. We keep each organization completely separated with its own database organized as a sealed silo with no connections with other organizations. Your data is safe with us.


Powerful Dashboard

The dashboard can be used by configured administrators, managers and editors in your organization. It provides a powerful way to manage the Knowledge Base by uploading documents and websites and filter the parts you don't want to be included.

You can fine tune the personality of your Brains and the settings of the LLM you're using.

Invite your users into the space to have a personalized chat experience with the Brains you designed for them.


Use Cases


Meet Rose, Your New Personal Assistant. Rose is an AI.

She knows everything about your company: clients, suppliers, schedule, meetings and real-time revenues and expenses. Ask Rose anything you want to know in just a few seconds and let her help with your schedule. Also, Rose never goes to sleep. If you need her in the middle of the night, she's always one message close to you. Is Your Company's
Next Best Employee Of The Month

Sales Man

Meet David, Your Best Salesman. David is an AI.

He's a quick learner. Can be trained about all your products and services in less than an hour and will be responding to all your questions on your website and via email.

But David doesn't just respond to questions, he's able to work with the user to close a sale or propose to the user additional products or services. He works day and night for you, no vacations or teamwork sessions for him. David is just your ace in the hole.

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